How much does a park home cost?

Our new park homes start at £130,000. The price is dependent on the size of the home ordered.

What is included in the price of a home?

The home can be designed to meet your individual requirements but generally will the home will be fully furnished and sited on its own individual plot with garden and driveway for parking. The final cost will include delivery of your home and securing it to the base on the park, building the exterior brick skirt and steps, connecting to the mains water, drains and sewerage, electricity and lpg gas.

What are the additional costs of living on the park?

A pitch fee is payable monthly and includes water and sewerage costs which are itemised in the annual pitch fee review. The pitch fee contributes towards the park’s general running costs. Park home living is generally cheaper than liviing in a conventional home due to  good insulation and lower energy costs.  Council tax is also payable and fallsinto Band A as park homes are recognised as retirement homes for Council tax purposes. Homes must also be insured to meet their full replacment value.

Does the pitch fee go up each year?

The pitch fee is reviewed on 1st January each year and goes up and down in line with the Retail Price Index.

Can I live here permanently?

Yes we are a residential retirement park.

Can children stay on the park?

As we are a retirement park for the over 50s all residents must fit into this catergory. Children are therefore not permitted as residents but are very welcome to visit and stay from time to time.

Do you allow dogs on your park?

Residents are permitted to keep up to two pets, subject to the prior written approval of the Park Owner. Permission will be withdrawn if the pet owner is in breach of the licence conditions.

How do we reserve a new home?

When purchasing a new park home, we request a d eposit of £2,000 to secure the plot/home. The remaining balance will be payable on completion.

What happens if we eventually want to sell our property?

If you wish to sell your home you may choose to sell it privately or via an estate Agent. A commission of ten percent is payable to Whipsnade Park Homes on completion of the sale,as detailed in the 1983 Mobile Homes Act.

Do I own the plot?

No you are granted a contract to have your home on the plot indefinitely.

How long does a park home last?

All Park homes are built to the British Standard BS3632 and are covered by a Gold Shield ten year Warranty. Our new park homes are designed to last many decades. They are built with UPVC windows, double glazing and exterior rendering. The pitched roofs have a 40 year weatherproof guarantee. Your home should be painted every 5 years to keep it in good condition.

Does a park home keep its value?

The value of a park home is based on the value of home and also the value of the land on which it is sited which rises and falls in line with regional property

prices, the same way as bricks and mortar. As park home living is becoming increasingly popular the demand for park homes at Whipsnade is rising driving up the value of the park homes.