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Buying a Park Home

A Park home gives you a level of luxury and customization that would previously be unaffordable for most in today’s property market. Whipsnade Park Homes are mobile residential properties situated on private land, used for residential purposes, but they offer so much more than just a ‘home’.

At Whipsnade Park Homes, you have the luxury of being able to design your very own dream home. Unlike traditional housing, where you pay for what’s already there, buying a new park home allows you to decide exactly what you want on the inside, and exactly where it goes.

Living in Whipsnade village provides you with an immediate area with no direct traffic or congestion, and no through roads. Instead picture your dream home designed to your preferred style in the heart of the tranquil peaceful countryside of Whipsnade.

Whilst downsizing your home and moving to a residential retirement plot, several cost benefits also follow, allowing you to live a fuller lifestyle to your hearts desire.

Of course, anyone is welcome to live on a park home plot, so long as they follow the site rules that are in place,and are within the 50’s+ age group.

A park home must be your only or main residence and built to British Standard 3632. Whipsnade Park Homes has a 12-month licence, allowing you to be a resident on the park all year round. Your purchase is safeguarded by the Mobile Homes Acts of 1983 and 2013, meaning that your tenure and the details surrounding your time on the park is legally protected.

Park home living is the perfect way to downsize your home and retire comfortably to live the fully enjoyable lifestyle you long dreamt about.

Key Points

  • Personalize your park home
  • Improve your quality of life
  • Downsize and save money
  • Be part of a community
  • Love where you live